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Project Management Office, Integrated Clinical Systems (PjM-ICS)

The Project Manager (PjM) for ICS is responsible for the central management of all imaging, image management, and major clinical systems which integrate with the DoD Electronic Health Record (EHR).

  • Specific responsibilities include managing PACS, imaging, and teleradiology program initiatives, execution of the Technology Assessment and Requirements Analysis (TARA) program, and management of the Information Assurance (IA) requirements for all medical devices with an acquisition cost of $100K or greater.

Within PMO, ICS the subordinate product managers execute a patient-centric, system of systems approach to ensure timely delivery of affordable, sustainable, interoperable, and information assurance compliant capabilities in support of clinical requirements for fixed medical treatment facilities (MTFs).

  • The Product Manager for Image Management Systems (PM IMS) assists in the TARA Program and provides lifecycle management of PACS, radiology workstations, voice dictation systems, and other image management capabilities.
  • The Product Manager for Clinical Systems (PM CS) executes the expanded TARA Program and provides lifecycle management of imaging and non-imaging clinical systems.

Project Management Office, Integrated Clinical Systems (PMO, ICS)
693 Neiman Street
Fort Detrick, MD 21702


Technology Assessment and Requirements Analysis (TARA) Program


General Descriptions

  • The TARA Team currently assesses all investment medical devices (acquisition cost of $100K or greater) and clinical operations within the USAMEDCOM‚Äôs brick and mortar (TDA) MTFs.
  • The purpose site visits is to interview departmental staff, observe scheduling and patient-flow patterns, evaluate quality of service, evaluate the condition and utilization of existing medical devices, provide a 5-year strategic replacement, upgrade, new technologies plan for medical devices, recommend improvements in operations, facilities, staffing, workflow, and to discuss clinical operations.
  • In conjunction with the medical devices assessment, the Office of The Surgeon General (OTSG) Consultants are performing clinical assessments.
  • Assessments are performed at approximately 7 to 9 facilities a year.
  • To access the Web MRE website please visit USAMMA's AKO site     , and select the 'Web MEDCASE Requirements & Equipment (MRE)' link from the links section.
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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2015